Nation Skilled Nursing Care Week

This week we celebrated the critical role that skilled nursing care centers play. At Saint Anthony Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our team focuses on bringing compassion, caring and dedication to our patients.

On May 16th, “Let’s Make a Deal was on the Agenda. We traded, bartered, and stole, but most of all we had FUN!

Collage of resident's playing "Let's Make a Deal!"

We lived it up with Taco Tuesday – great job Terri and your team for all the tasty food, decorations, live music, and of course, a pinata. Pineapple and hibiscus water to cheer our fun day!

On May 17th, we grilled out! There’s nut’n better than a burger and dog cook’n on the grill. A big thanks to Joyel and her team for the yummy aroma in the hallways and two blocks down on 14th and 15th streets. Our tummies are full and satisfied because of you.

Grill Thank You!

On Thursday, May 18th we hosted “Glamour Shot Thursday”. Love those smiles. A huge thank you to Trista and her team at Viaquest for making it a glamorous day.

Glamour Shots #1

Glamour Shots #2

Sam got our toes tapping and heads bobbing on this beautiful Friday morning!

Sam the music man!

As National Skilled Nursing Care Week comes to an end, we’d like to say “hats off” and thank you for all your hard work and efforts to make this an action packed, fun-filled week!

Thanks to our staff! #1

Thanks to our staff! #2

Thanks to our staff! #3

Thanks to our staff! #4