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Administrator Dylan Johnson speaking with a long-term patient
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At Saint Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we believe in delivering the highest quality of client care. Our unparalleled expertise, commitment, and compassion assures that we provide the very best healthcare in each service we offer.

COVID-19 Updates

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Customized Care

Different levels of care for all of the different situations life can come up with – whether young or old, in therapy or rehabilitation.

Senior man receiving physical therapy

Short Term Care

Let us help restore your quality of life through a one-to-one, customized therapy plan to fit your goals and rebuild your lifestyle.

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A group of seniors talking around a table

Long Term Care

Feel the caring and compassion of a dignified, pleasant, home-like environment where our skilled staff offer love and warmth.

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Senior woman talking with nursing staff

Specialty Services

Respite care for those who need help caring for loved ones while away and hospice care for those who require assistance in their final stage of life.

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Our Facility

There is no shortage on comfort and amenities for our residents. Newly renovated rooms, restaurant style dining, cable television, and WIFI are just a few of the things we believe should come standard for our residents. Life can be difficult, but we don’t think that means it has to be uncomfortable, too.

Facility map from a 3/4 perspective
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Saint Anthony Chapel

Ken Thompson

As a life-long resident of Greater Lafayette, and owner of a privately-owned business, I make it my priority to serve the needs of our residents and staff. Alongside me is a team of skilled, caring individuals. Meet the team, our Saint Anthony family, and learn how their dedication is an essential part of the Saint Anthony experience.

Where caring is the bottom line.

Ken Thompson, Owner

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Ken Thompson
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