14th Annual Trail of Scarecrows

Hey…we’re here at Prophetstown State Park’s 14th Annual Trail of Scarecrows. Come see and vote for us; we might even let you play.

What is the Trail of Scarecrows?

Come to Prophetstown State Park to see scarecrows featured along the park's paved accessible trail for easy hiking, biking, and strolling from Prairie View Picnic area to the Aquatic Center. Park visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite scarecrows by making donations to the Interpretive Services fund for Education, Arts, Culture and History Programs at Prophetstown State Park. By donating one dollar, park guests can cast 100 votes for their favorite Scarecrow. You can pick up and drop off ballots at the park's main gate, camp gate, or visitor's center. Prizes are awarded for the most votes so spread the word to vote for your favorite Scarecrows! Voting is open from October 1st to November 5th.