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Excellence has been our hallmark for more than thirty years. This not only means Saint Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center provides the highest quality in nursing and clinical care; it means we offer an outstanding quality of life for our clients.

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At Saint Anthony Rehabilitation and Nursing Center the joy of life is plain to see. We are dedicated to creating personalized care and attention that is sensitive, nurturing, and comfortable for each resident and patient.

There is no shortage on comfort and amenities for our residents. Newly renovated rooms, restaurant style dining, cable television, and WIFI are just a few of the things we believe should come standard for our guests. Life can be difficult, but we don’t think that means it has to be uncomfortable, too.


Being away from home can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel at home. We’ve worked hard to make our facility inviting and comfortable for all of our residents.

  • Newly renovated interiors
  • Quality furniture and furnishings
  • Attractive décor
  • Cable television and WIFI

Dining Experience

Creating an enjoyable dining experience for our residents is a priority. While offering a wide variety of tasty and nutritious menu choices, our dietitians are diligent about adhering to individual dietary restrictions.

Breakfast is served around 8 am, lunch around 12 noon, and dinner around 6 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will I have to stay?
  • How will I pay for my stay?
  • What are the visiting hours?
  • May my guests have a meal with me?
How long will I have to stay?

An average stay is between 2-3 weeks.

How will I pay for my stay?

Most insurances cover subacute care. For example, Medicare and Managed Care.

What are the visiting hours?

24 hours a day.

May my guests have a meal with me?

Yes. Guest meals are available for a small fee.

  • What should I bring?
  • How is my laundry handled?
  • What about TVs and phones?
  • Can my pet visit?
What should I bring?

Street clothes and appropriate shoes are recommended during therapy time. Personal items and toiletries may be brought as needed.

How is my laundry handled?

Laundry can be handled in two ways. Your family may take it home or we can provide laundry services for you. Iron-on labels will be applied by our staff.

What about TVs and phones?

All rooms have cable television and phone connections.

Can my pet visit?

Yes, with proof of current vaccinations.

  • What is a typical day like?
  • Is there Wi-Fi available?
  • Can I attend Mass?
  • Can I get my hair done?
What is a typical day like?

Breakfast is served 7-9am. Mass is offered daily at 10am. You will have assistance in getting dressed. Resident may have morning therapy. Lunch is served from 11:30am – 1:30pm. Resident may have afternoon therapy. Dinner is served from 4:30 – 6:30pm. Medication is provided to you throughout the day as ordered. Activites are available to residents throughout the day. Please ask us about your residents specific therapy and activity needs.

Is there Wi-Fi available?

Yes, facility wide.

Can I attend Mass?

Yes. Mass is offered daily at 10am in our chapel.

Can I get my hair done?

Yes. We have a stylist available.

Lafayette’s Highest Rated Healthcare Facility


  • The Saint Anthony Difference
  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Community Commitment
  • The highest level of personalized treatment.
  • A home-like environment for every resident.
  • Focused short-term care in physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.
  • A committed staff ready to go above expectations.
  • Transparency with our residents and their families.
  • A belief-inclusive environment.
  • A company culture that fosters compassion, excellence, and employee longevity.

At Saint Anthony Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, we believe in delivering the highest quality of client care. Our unparalleled expertise, commitment, and compassion assures that we provide the very best healthcare in each service we offer.

Saint Anthony’s is committed to supporting charities that positively impact members of our community. We believe through charitable giving of money, services, and expertise we can make positive lasting change.

At Saint Anthony, we offer a continuum of care: from temporary respite stays, to short-term rehabilitation, to long-term skilled nursing care, as well as a broad array of specialty programs and services. We have served the Lafayette, Indiana area for over thirty years.