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Long Term Care

Feel the caring and compassion of a dignified, pleasant, home-like environment where our skilled staff offer love and warmth.

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    Quality of Care

    When it comes to choosing a nursing facility for your loved one, we think quality care and quality of life are the factors that matter most.

  • Elderly resident and nurse at lunch

    Nutritional Management

    For residents with nutritional disorders, as well as those with weight management issues, we offer a comprehensive nutritional management program.

  • Nurse and patient discussing pain management techniques

    Pain Management

    Residents coping with a wide range of conditions and disorders may benefit from our in-house pain management program.

  • Elderly patient's bandaged feet

    Wound Care & Prevention

    For residents with hard to heal wounds, our comprehensive wound care program includes a vast range of leading edge therapies and treatments.

  • Director of Therapy assisting senior patient with stairs during therapy

    Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

    For persons affected by neuromuscular disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and Parkinson’s Disease, our facility provides comprehensive care designed to restore maximum functional performance and overall well-being.

  • Nurse assisting patient during stroke rehabilitation therapy

    Stroke Rehabilitation

    Our specialized stroke rehabilitation program is designed to help restore patients to optimum levels of functionality while helping them compensate for decreased capabilities.

  • Therapy Director working with long-term therapy patient

    Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies

    We want to get our patients ready for normal life again. We tailor our care for each patient, providing physical, occupational, and speech therapies as often as the patient’s physician recommends it––up to seven days a week.

  • Elderly woman using an inhaler

    Respiratory Therapy

    For residents coping with the often devastating effects of lung disease and other chronic respiratory problems, our comprehensive respiratory therapy program provides hope and help.

Our Other Services

Short Term Care

Saint Anthony Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of short term care services, focusing on orthopedic & post-surgical rehabilitation, cancer care, and cardiac care and rehabilitation. Our focus is making sure you have lasting results and our patients are ready for the challenges of returning home or to alternate levels of care.

Learn more about our Short Term Care

Specialty Care

Respite care for those who need help caring for loved ones while away and hospice care for those who require assistance in their final stage of life.

Learn more about our Specialty Care
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