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October 31, 2017 EventsNews

Highlights for November 2017

November 5th—Change your clocks, Fall Back

November 7th— 6:30 Music with Kent Lane

November 8th– 10:30 Variety Show with Jody

November 10th–  10:30 New Thanksgiving Price is Right Game

November 11th—Craft & Bake Sale 9am—2pm

November 10th— 11:30 Lunch out to Hanna

November 12th— 2:15 Music with Prays x’s 3

November 13th— 10:30 Hot Tea Social

November 13th— 2:15 New Capture the Turkey Game

November 15th— 2:15 New Music entertainer Patrick

November 16th— Noon Family Thanksgiving Meal

November 20th—2:15 Zoo Visits

November 22nd—2:15 Music with Donna

November 23rd– 10:30 Thanksgiving Day Music with Sam

November 24th– 10:30 Music with Roy

November 28th— 7:00 New Turning Pointe Academy of Dance

November 29th—6:30 Music with Doug

Joy Rides will be schedule at later date.

October 5, 2017 EventsNews

Octoberfest Social – Oct. 9th @ 2:15

Bingo with St. Ann’s—Oct. 10th @ 10:30

Donna Shaw Show — Oct.15th @2:15

Mary Lou Donuts& Coffee Social — Oct. 18th @ 10:30

Bingo with PhysoCare –Oct. 20th@10:30

Music with Shirley – Oct. 24th@10:30

Trick or Treat with Staff Children and

Residents Grandchildren – Oct. 26th @ 6:30

Craft & Costumes – Oct. 30th @ 10:30


Please join us for all our activities with your friends and family.

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At Saint Anthony, we offer a continuum of care: from temporary respite stays, to short-term rehabilitation, to long-term skilled nursing care, as well as a broad array of specialty programs and services. We have served the Lafayette, Indiana area for over thirty years.